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Blu-ray Converter Software 4 PC Software 2010

 Blu-ray Converter  4VideoSoft Blu Ray Converter for your home PC, Laptop, Desktop, Computer Sytem.

Wow try out this new Blu Ray Converter that i came across while surfing my favourite download site , found the software 4Videosoft Blu Ray Converter very easy to use on the computer system.

Easy to backup your Blu Ray Collection to your Media Centre PC and yes it works great without a huge lost of quality either which is just awesome.

The 4Videosoft Blu-ray Converter is easy to install and work on pretty much most good computers.

They even have a trial for you to try before you buy , which is great, if you dont like it , or it does not work on your computer,desktop, Personal computer , then you just uninstall the program and you havent spent a cent.

Click here to Download the trial.   Download from Website HotDownloads

4VideoSoft, have really nailed the software and made it very simple easy to use and most of all it actually works. The trial actually gives you a feel of the program too.

All downloads from the site are secure and virus free. One that is most important when downloading new software.

The software support various formats to convert to. HD is included as well as MKV, and other major formats such as MPEG4 and AVI.

The program 4VideoSoft Blu Ray / DVD Converter is just great and is at least a must to look at.

Buy the Software Here. Yes its 100% Secure Go check for yourself. Oh wait the best idea, you like pay for the software and then get to download the software straight away.

Pay and Use.
Unreal, Yes you can also get a CD Sent out.

4VideoSoft Blu Ray to MKV Trial Click Here

4VideoSoft Blu Ray to IPad Converter Trial Click Here and Click here to Buy Now 

100% Secure Shopping Cart, Buy and Then Download, Use the Program Straight Away.

No waiting for the Post Man.

As well if you want get the CD or DVD or Blu Ray Disc sent out too.

High Def Video Rendering Computer System 3D Rendering Computer Specs

High Def Video Rendering Computer System for Render Farm, 3D Rendering Computer Specs 2010

In this Article i will be talking about building a computer for High Definition Video Rendering. I will of Course have  A Budget of $2300 for the one PC. The computer will be built for one purpose and only one purpose and that is 3D Rendering. The computer  will be the best it can be for 3D Video Rendering. High Definition Video Editing can be intense on the computer therefore it must have High End Computer Components. 

I will start with which CPU and then Which Motherboard, which RAM and how Much.

KGuard DIY Surveillance Kit

KGuard DIY Surveillance Kit

The KGuard Security System is in all in one kit.

KGuard DIY Surveillance Kit

Medal Of Honor 14th Of October

Medal Of Honor New game due out in OCT 2010 I've been told by the Aliens.

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Fix My DVD Burner / blu ray icon gone missing


Okay Sometimes there is an easy fix to the missing dvd burner or cd burner / rom or blu ray burner/rom.

Step 1: Check all Cables in Computer are plugged in correctly.

Step 2: If Computer On , Shut Down the Computer. If computer Off Turn the Computer On.

Step 3: When the computer is loading up (About 2/3 seconds after you press the Big Button)  press the special keyboard letter/number F8 ( The One button ) A couple of times.

Tips: If computer has already loaded into windows or you see the splash screen of windows then you will  need to restart the computer.

Step 4: Select Safe Mode.

Step 5: Once safe mode of Windows has loaded right click on my computer and then select Properties. Then Click Device Manager.

If not Windows 7 (Which is safer and better than any other windows operating system) , Then there may be a few more clicks here and there with the mouse.

Step 6: Device Manager: Click on the little arrow icon on  DVD/CD Drives. Right Click the Drive and Select Uninstall.

Step 7: Restart the Computer and go back into safe mode by pressing F8 (The one button not the two button version).

Step 8: Go back into the Device Manager and Then Up the top there is A couple of buttons like File, Action.

First click on DVD/CD Drivers there is no need to click the little arrow.

Then select the menu button, Action And click Scan for Hardware Changes.

Step 9 : Go into Windows , Dont worry about Safe Mode Boot, See if your DVD/CD Drive is back again. If the CD / DVD Burner / Rom is still missing there is one more thing off the top of my head to try.

This one may get Complex if you make it That Way : Other is just a Simple Procedure to Follow:

How to Fix My Missing DVD / CD BURNER / ROM On my Desktop , Laptop, PC, Computer, Computer System Reg Edit Fix.

And its : Before You Try this, just backup the registry incase.

Click Start, then Run, then enter REGEDIT to open the Registry Editor

Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class entry

Under the Class entry, double click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

In the right-hand pane, click ONCE to select the UpperFilters entry

Make sure the UpperFilters entry is highlighted, press Delete, then Yes.

In the right-hand pane, click ONCE to select the LowerFilters entry

Make sure the LowerFilters entry is highlighted, press Delete, then Yes.

Restart the Computer and If two drives show then just simply restart the computer again.

If this hasnt Fixed then just take it down to a Good mate whos into computers. If no luck then take it down to the PC Shop. Maybe Try a Repair Installation of Windows.

Please come back to my Blog/ Website. Soon i will be getting my real website with a forum for Q/A , New Technology...... Better not say too much....

Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010 Buy then Download

Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010, Easy Buy through a secure website and just download as well as get the Software sent to you by CD Or DVD.

Acronis Internet Security protects upto three home Computers (Desktops, PCS-Personal Computer,Computer Box), From viruses, spam and also have malware protection.
In the package there is also protection from Phishing Attacks ( I explain what that is), Spammers.

Acording to Data from the Acronis Website there is upto 10,000 new viruses a week, which can be a huge problem if you do not choose the correct protection for your computer.

Acronis Internet Security is designed to prevent/protection from external and internal threats.

Protection is provided for One Year. It is Subscription Based.

There is also IM (Instant Messenger) Security- This will keep Yahoo and MSN Messenger conversations a secret.

Real Live Time Protection.

Online Banking , Shopping and Web Surf in Private and Know that your computer will be safe on the internet.

Email Protection for the following Programs Thunderbird, Outlook 2000,2003,2007, Outlook Express, Windows Mail.

Will My Computer Be Able To Run Acronis Internet Security Suite 2010? Please Click Here And Click Here to purchase the product and then yep, download straight away . Too easy .


SAMSUNG has released a couple Models of 3D TV's for consumers. Yes the models do support HDMI 1.4

In this post i shall talk about the Samsung 3D TV model Series 7 7000 55inch (UA55C7000WR).

This model is an LED Series and is 55inch in size. It is a super slim TV which only 26.5mm in depth (Screen) and the base/stand is 303.00mm depth. The weight of this unit with the stand is only 24.5KG. 
Full specs can be found if you Click Here

With this new technology the images will leap/jump out of the TV at you. Samsung has come up with their own engine which is called 3D HyperReal Engine. This Engine is optimize for image performance , which pretty much means to give you the Highest Quality Picture Possible.

You will need to purchase 3D Glasses (Samsung 3D Glasses) but i can sell Samsung keeping the price of the Glasses to a low price.

The TV is full HD 1080P. Which has twice the detail and resolution of any regular HDTV. 

Yes this Samsung 3D LED TV has features that will adjust to the content playing to enable the best possible picture.

SRS Theatre is also another Feature to enable the best Audio too.  


CyberLink Software Releases 3D BLU RAY SOFTWARE. POWERDVD 10

Software Company CyberLink has released 3D Blu Ray Software for its program PowerDVD.

3D Support for just about any Movie is now available in the software Cyberlink. During the testing of this software 3D still seems to be a little bit buggy. You have to sit in front of the Device (3D Monitor) in order to experience a ture 3D Image/Video.
Don't sit in front directly in front of the Device and you will experience BUGGY 3D images/Video.

If you install codecs then you will be provided with Hardware Acceleration too. The company is planning to release a few different versions for users.

When the new version comes out, it will be able to convert 2D Content into 3D. Which everyone is awaiting to test how good or bad it is.

Probably the Biggest competition to this Company is all them Free Versions out there.

Check out Cyberlink by clicking here

With this software you can even upscale your DVD'S and other formats to HD.
DVD'S can also be played in 3D.

There is 3 Versions that are available which have different features.

There is 3D Ultra, (This is for the Ulimate Experience), Deluxe , and also a basic version called Standard.

Some are also coming with Free upgrade to Mark II. Mark II is only avaiable for the 3D ULTRA Buyers. What it features is 2D Content into 3D Content.


YES YOU CAN BUY ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD STRAIGHT AWAY. It can not be any easier than this.

"PowerDVD 10 delivers 3D and HD movies on the PC. PowerDVD 10 is a unique universal player that offers the best playback quality available. Whether it is 3D movie content, captured home videos, or your digital music files, PowerDVD 10 lets you access them all from the same convenient player software, enhancing your experience in all kinds of new ways" 

For your free trial Version Please click on this link here 

3D Apps, 3D Games For IPhone and I pod Touch, Holo Toy IPhone Hologram

During this year 2010, 3D related products are expanding. I just saw on the internet this amazing game which is in 3D for your IPhone or IPod.
The game has been developed by kode80. It has been called the HoloToy.

From the website
"What is HoloToy? HoloToy is an interactive hologram unlike anything seen on the AppStore before. Using anamorphosis perspective projection and the accelerometer HoloToy produces realtime images that emulate reality based on a constant viewing angle. In english, these are interactive 3D scenes that appear to live both within and outside of your iPhone or iPod touch!"

I am sure that now there is one comapny making 3D applications and 3D games for the IPhone that many other programmers will join forces and by the end of 2010 there should be hundreds of Games that are in 3D for the IPhone or IPod.

Below are some links for what the Apps/Games look like.
HoloToy IPhone Hologram

Link One the Games HoloBall 

Link Two The Robot

3D Robot App for your I Phone.

Link Three More from HoloToy kode80apps

HoloToy iPhone Hologram - first 3 holograms

 Holo Toy IPhone Hologram

Nintendo DS Now 3D 2010- ,Videos 3ds, Games 4 3DS

3DS is now out and has been show cased at CES 2011. Check out the Videos of Games and Hardware of the 3DS. 3DS Expected to be in Stores in 2011.

WOW, I have just discovered something Amazing this year and that is Nintendo is going to be bringing out a DS that is FULL 3D and the best part of this portable gaming system is that it requires ,GUESS WHAT?, NO 3D Glasses are needed.
The company  Nintendo will be of  course releasing to Japan First Early 2011.
The best part of this technology is that it will require no 3D Glasses and it will be compatible with all your old Nintendo DS Games.
The handheld gaming console will be targeted at the young population of ages of 4 to 14.

No other handheld gaming consoles have plans to make 3D. So in the world of competition Nintendo will be the winner against PSP (Sony's Portable Gaming System).
There has been no press release of how much but there is a date that is an estimate of release and that is Early March 2011 For Japan.
Of course this isnt going to be like the 3D Experience you have at the Imax or at the movies but it is a huge step forward for the DS.

Below Cnet Talk on Games For 3DS 2011.

Although Sony have nothing in 3D portable Gaming Systems, they do have plans for the PS3 to become 3D.

I guess all of these companies are hoping that with the release of more and more 3D Movies that it will hype people up to go 3D at home.

The companies most interested in 3D are ,guess who, The advertiser companies, any company that makes Ads for other companies. Imangine watching TV Ads and getting a product throw at you like "Here have this new Ice cream" and its like right near your hand.

Wow what an amazing future there is for 3D to be in the Home and not a special thing that is only at The movies or the IMAX.


2010 3D IS HERE, 3D Technology

Yes, 2010 is the Year for the Launch of 3D for the home consumer.
3D Examples such as those red and green glasses were around tens of years ago but with the technology there is now , there will be no one disappointed with 3D Projectors, 3D Games, 3D Movies. I hear also Foxtel is going to be getting 3D CHANNELS.

2010 is the year of 3D to the house.

Just about every company in the world is getting into it. SHARP, VIEWSONIC, LG... Thats just to name a few.

Nvidia which is in war with ATI (These guys are the two major Graphic Chip Makers in the world, Actually i think the only Two left).

Nvidia has and already have out on the market 3D Setups..

Nvidia already has the 3D Technology but atm its very expensive at 400 bucks aussie for a monitor and to experience the true 3d technology , yes you will need 3 Monitors and the Nvidia Modern style sunnies. 3D Vision glasses are going for around 300 bucks aussie...

3D GAMES For 3D Vision

Here is a list of all games for the Computer, desktop, PC system that will work.
These games are Rated from Excellent to not so good but it is true that all these games do work if you have 3D vision Hardware for your computer system.

GF100 Nvidia

Wow, Nvidia might be taking out ATI, The graphics Card War will soon end with Nvidia being the solid winner, soon with its new Series Fermi. This has been planned for some time. Nvidia atm may not have nothing special but its new series code name Fermi, is being produced with 3D Vision in its mind.

The new Fermi series which has already been benchmark and i can say from looking at the Charts that i would be holding out for these new cards.

The memory heirarchy is new, the way it processes the graphics is new and even has built new shader core.

When i looked at the White paper for the GF100 code name fermi, i noticed that ATI's card 5870 did not even perform close to the new Nvidia Chip.

ATI 5870 is around the 100 while Fermi will perform at Six times that the 5870 performs at.

GF100 is architected to enable the highest performance on NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround. Its parallel tessellation and raster engines enable sustained performance in heavily tessellated scenes. And its powerful compute architecture with fast context switching makes compute operations as lightweight as possible.

There is up to sixteen tessellation engines and four raster engines, GF100 elevates geometric realism to
new heights. Tessellation and displacement mapping—the key techniques employed in films, become a reality for the first time in PC gaming. Characters with life-like detail, game environments with unprecedented complexity—that’s what GF100 promises to gamers.

3D Gaming Computer System GeForce GTX

One of the Most Important Parts of a 3D Gaming Computer System is the Graphics Card. When Picking a graphics card it is best to go for a High End Series.
ATI have released a 4 montior display output card which i think has big competetion with Nvidia.
The Best Cards from ATI atm from a quick search is the ATI Radeon™ HD 5970, AMD Radeon™ HD 6970, AMD Radeon™ HD 6950.
I have also heard many people getting the 6950 and just hacking it to be a 6970. Click here for more details
Due to Recent Demand for Tablet PCs - This blog article will be update in the next week.
A computer that will be used for Nvidia 3D Vision, it is advisable to get one from Nvidia Ge Force 200 Series. 

Nvidia Graphics Cards are the only ones that have support for Nvidia 3D Vision.

The Range from NVIDIA ,Which are the only ones that have support for 3D Gaming, 3D Movies, 3D Pictures and 3D Applications.

GeForce GTX 295 (Highest,Fast, Best) , GeForce GTX 285,  GeForce GTX 280, GeForce GTX 275,  GeForce GTX 260, GeForce GTS 250 and the lowest in this range is GeForce GTX 240.


Third Step - RAM (Random Access Memory)- What does Ram do? How Much Ram Do I need?

What does RAM do?
When you open up an application on the computer the CPU ,(Central Processing Unit, Micro Processor), gets the application (program name .exe) off the hard disk and loads it into RAM.

The OS (Operating System-Windows XP, Windows 7) uses RAM as well as Programs, Games.

Some Programs use more memory,RAM, then other programs. An example is Avast Anti Virus Program uses 25MB (Megabytes) of RAM (Memory), when just running (No scanning), whereas the application Notepad which only uses 3MB.Games tend to use alot of RAM. The more programs open the more RAM will be used.

For the Processors in the I5 and I7 series and in order to have a powerful 3D Gaming Computer system ,it is best to have a large amount of RAM. DDR3-1333 MHz or DDR3-1600MHz or DDR3-2000MHz .

Depending on which Motherboard you have purchase will determine how much RAM you can use and which Type of RAM that you can use.

How Much RAM do i need?

In most cases it is advisable to put in as much RAM as you can on the Motherboard. 4GB is good but 8GB is much better for performance. 

Although there is one MAJOR FACTOR and that is the OS (Operating System- Windows). 
If 32Bit you are limited to the amount of RAM that is seen and usable Which is usually 4GB Max. 
If 64 Bit then you will benefit the most from having more RAM (Random Access Memory). 64Bit handles more RAM and also has better performance than 32Bit operating Systems. 64Bit Windows Handles More than 4GB of RAM.

Second Step -A New Motherboard For the CPU

Due to having the new processor range from Intel to handle 3D Gaming and 3D Blue Ray Movies, it is necessary to have a Motherboard that Supports the Processor (CPU-Central Processing Unit).

I5-750 and I5-860 are the socket LGA 1156. If picking these processors you would have to get a motherboard that is Socket LGA 1156.

I7-920 and I7-950 Is a different socket which is LGA 1366.

The Best CPU is the Intel I7-975. This CPU is only needed for Extreme Gaming Or where the fastest CPU is needed. 

Gigabyte are known for being a good stable product and their motherboards also have some great features such as 2 x PCI Express x16 slots (Graphics Card Slot).
The Motherboard Gigabyte X58-UD3R Has this feature plus can handle 3way sli Graphics Setup but one good Graphics Card or Two good Graphics is Recommended for 3D Gaming and Watching 3D Blu Ray Movies.

First Step To The 3D World Of Gaming On PC Desktop Is to have a New Intel CPU

The first step is to make sure your computer Processor , (CPU-Central Processing Unit) is powerful enough to run the Games that are 3D compatible. Usually the Games have minimum Requirements but its best to have Recommended Specifications or Better.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a Game from Hundreds for the Computer that supports Nvidia 3D Vision. A list of games that support 3D is = Click Here Mate=

Due to 3D Games using a lot of resources it is necessary to have a fast and powerful Processor.
A good processor for this type of usage on the computer is Intel I5-750, I7-860, I7-920.

If you are not an extreme gamer then the new range from Intel will do the job just as good. These Processors are Intel Core I5 670, Intel Core I5 650 and Intel Core I5 661.

The new range from Intel are Smarter , Faster than ever before.

If Extreme Computer Gamer you should get Intel's Extreme I7 Processor  I7-975 Or I7-965.Both of these Processors include Intel Turbo Boost Technology and also Intel Hyper Threading Technology. 

Most I7 CPUs have Four Cores and 8 Threads.
Intel's I5-750 has Four Cores and Four Threads.

Average Prices :
I5-750 $240 I7-860 $345 I7-920 $360

For I5-750 Technical Specs and Information Click Here

For I7-860 Technical Specs and Information Click Here

For I7-920 Technical Specs and Information Click Here

These processors are part of the new range from Intel. Intel's new Range are more powerful, Faster and now even smarter. The above CPUs are powerful enough for 3D Blu Ray movies, 3D Games and 3D Applications .

Once you have picked the Correct Processor for the Computer then you will need an upto date motherboard to support the Processor.