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2010 3D IS HERE, 3D Technology

Yes, 2010 is the Year for the Launch of 3D for the home consumer.
3D Examples such as those red and green glasses were around tens of years ago but with the technology there is now , there will be no one disappointed with 3D Projectors, 3D Games, 3D Movies. I hear also Foxtel is going to be getting 3D CHANNELS.

2010 is the year of 3D to the house.

Just about every company in the world is getting into it. SHARP, VIEWSONIC, LG... Thats just to name a few.

Nvidia which is in war with ATI (These guys are the two major Graphic Chip Makers in the world, Actually i think the only Two left).

Nvidia has and already have out on the market 3D Setups..

Nvidia already has the 3D Technology but atm its very expensive at 400 bucks aussie for a monitor and to experience the true 3d technology , yes you will need 3 Monitors and the Nvidia Modern style sunnies. 3D Vision glasses are going for around 300 bucks aussie...

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