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3D Apps, 3D Games For IPhone and I pod Touch, Holo Toy IPhone Hologram

During this year 2010, 3D related products are expanding. I just saw on the internet this amazing game which is in 3D for your IPhone or IPod.
The game has been developed by kode80. It has been called the HoloToy.

From the website
"What is HoloToy? HoloToy is an interactive hologram unlike anything seen on the AppStore before. Using anamorphosis perspective projection and the accelerometer HoloToy produces realtime images that emulate reality based on a constant viewing angle. In english, these are interactive 3D scenes that appear to live both within and outside of your iPhone or iPod touch!"

I am sure that now there is one comapny making 3D applications and 3D games for the IPhone that many other programmers will join forces and by the end of 2010 there should be hundreds of Games that are in 3D for the IPhone or IPod.

Below are some links for what the Apps/Games look like.
HoloToy IPhone Hologram

Link One the Games HoloBall 

Link Two The Robot

3D Robot App for your I Phone.

Link Three More from HoloToy kode80apps

HoloToy iPhone Hologram - first 3 holograms

 Holo Toy IPhone Hologram

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