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GF100 Nvidia

Wow, Nvidia might be taking out ATI, The graphics Card War will soon end with Nvidia being the solid winner, soon with its new Series Fermi. This has been planned for some time. Nvidia atm may not have nothing special but its new series code name Fermi, is being produced with 3D Vision in its mind.

The new Fermi series which has already been benchmark and i can say from looking at the Charts that i would be holding out for these new cards.

The memory heirarchy is new, the way it processes the graphics is new and even has built new shader core.

When i looked at the White paper for the GF100 code name fermi, i noticed that ATI's card 5870 did not even perform close to the new Nvidia Chip.

ATI 5870 is around the 100 while Fermi will perform at Six times that the 5870 performs at.

GF100 is architected to enable the highest performance on NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround. Its parallel tessellation and raster engines enable sustained performance in heavily tessellated scenes. And its powerful compute architecture with fast context switching makes compute operations as lightweight as possible.

There is up to sixteen tessellation engines and four raster engines, GF100 elevates geometric realism to
new heights. Tessellation and displacement mapping—the key techniques employed in films, become a reality for the first time in PC gaming. Characters with life-like detail, game environments with unprecedented complexity—that’s what GF100 promises to gamers.

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