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Nintendo DS Now 3D 2010- ,Videos 3ds, Games 4 3DS

3DS is now out and has been show cased at CES 2011. Check out the Videos of Games and Hardware of the 3DS. 3DS Expected to be in Stores in 2011.

WOW, I have just discovered something Amazing this year and that is Nintendo is going to be bringing out a DS that is FULL 3D and the best part of this portable gaming system is that it requires ,GUESS WHAT?, NO 3D Glasses are needed.
The company  Nintendo will be of  course releasing to Japan First Early 2011.
The best part of this technology is that it will require no 3D Glasses and it will be compatible with all your old Nintendo DS Games.
The handheld gaming console will be targeted at the young population of ages of 4 to 14.

No other handheld gaming consoles have plans to make 3D. So in the world of competition Nintendo will be the winner against PSP (Sony's Portable Gaming System).
There has been no press release of how much but there is a date that is an estimate of release and that is Early March 2011 For Japan.
Of course this isnt going to be like the 3D Experience you have at the Imax or at the movies but it is a huge step forward for the DS.

Below Cnet Talk on Games For 3DS 2011.

Although Sony have nothing in 3D portable Gaming Systems, they do have plans for the PS3 to become 3D.

I guess all of these companies are hoping that with the release of more and more 3D Movies that it will hype people up to go 3D at home.

The companies most interested in 3D are ,guess who, The advertiser companies, any company that makes Ads for other companies. Imangine watching TV Ads and getting a product throw at you like "Here have this new Ice cream" and its like right near your hand.

Wow what an amazing future there is for 3D to be in the Home and not a special thing that is only at The movies or the IMAX.


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