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SAMSUNG has released a couple Models of 3D TV's for consumers. Yes the models do support HDMI 1.4

In this post i shall talk about the Samsung 3D TV model Series 7 7000 55inch (UA55C7000WR).

This model is an LED Series and is 55inch in size. It is a super slim TV which only 26.5mm in depth (Screen) and the base/stand is 303.00mm depth. The weight of this unit with the stand is only 24.5KG. 
Full specs can be found if you Click Here

With this new technology the images will leap/jump out of the TV at you. Samsung has come up with their own engine which is called 3D HyperReal Engine. This Engine is optimize for image performance , which pretty much means to give you the Highest Quality Picture Possible.

You will need to purchase 3D Glasses (Samsung 3D Glasses) but i can sell Samsung keeping the price of the Glasses to a low price.

The TV is full HD 1080P. Which has twice the detail and resolution of any regular HDTV. 

Yes this Samsung 3D LED TV has features that will adjust to the content playing to enable the best possible picture.

SRS Theatre is also another Feature to enable the best Audio too.  

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