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Vstone Robot At CES 2011

bELOW IS Video on A Robot from Vstone. CES 2011

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ExactTarget Opens Industry’s First Social Media Lab in San Francisco, Launches Thought Leadership Series

ExactTarget Opens Industry’s First Social Media Lab in San Francisco, Launches Thought Leadership Series

New Bay Area Center of Excellence to Serve as Home for Enterprise Social Media Innovation
Melbourne, Australia 9 February 2011 – Global interactive marketing provider ExactTarget launched its Social Media Lab today in San Francisco, expanding the company’s presence in the Bay Area and creating an operation dedicated to enterprise social media products and integrations with Twitter, Facebook and other social sites.
Launched less than a year after ExactTarget acquired San Francisco-based social media marketing platform CoTweet, the new Social Media Lab now serves as the company’s global innovation center for social media products, thought leadership and marketing expertise. “Social media has become a mainstay in the modern marketing mix, and our new Social Media Lab will lead the development of new solutions to help organisations use these channels more effectively to engage in real time with their customers,” said Chris Gartlan, ExactTargets Managing Director, Australia. “The new facility also provides a great venue for social media experts to collaborate on best practices and new innovations.”
As part of the launch of the new 11,000-square-foot lab in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, ExactTarget’s CoTweet will host a series of intimate, one-on-one conversations with social media industry thought leaders. Hosted by CoTweet Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Jesse Engle, the monthly CoTweet Conversation Series will deliver insights on the latest challenges, opportunities, wins, misses and human interest stories driving the evolution of social media.
Jeremiah Owyang, partner at Altimeter Group and author of the popular blog Web Strategy, will participate in the first meeting of the series at 7 p.m. Pacific Thursday Feb.10 at the Social Media Lab, 301 Brannan, Suite 100. Owyang and Engle will explore questions surrounding the definition and implementation of social CRM and how social media impacts business. Attendance is limited to the first 75 guests. To register, visit
“This is an exciting time in social media as early adopters take their social initiatives global, and mainstream users begin to embrace social platforms en masse,” said Engle. “Our new Social Media Lab establishes a center of excellence for ongoing innovation and expertise that will help our customers, partners and employees become increasingly socially-savvy.”
The CoTweet Conversation Series takes place the third Thursday of every month and is open to the public.
Trusted by thousands of enterprise customers around the globe including Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald’s, Microsoft, SunTrust and Whole Foods, ExactTarget’s CoTweet application gives companies the power to publish updates from multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, collaborate on responses, track and measure engagement and analyse campaign results.
The opening of ExactTarget’s Social Media Lab follows the launch of ExactTarget’s latest research brief, The Social Breakup. The study, which is the latest from ExactTarget’s Subscribers, Fans and Followers research series, found that more than 90 percent of consumers have “broken up” with at least one brand on Facebook, email or Twitter because of irrelevant, too frequent or boring marketing messages. For more information about the study and to download a complimentary copy of The Social Break-Up and prior reports, visit
About ExactTarget ExactTarget is a leading global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions. The company’s Interactive Marketing HubTM technology provides organisations a single solution to connect with customers via email, integrated text messaging, landing pages and social media. Supported by collaborative global services teams, ExactTarget’s technology integrates with more sales and marketing information systems than any other in the industry, including, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Omniture and Webtrends among many others. ExactTarget powers permission-based multichannel communications for thousands of organisations around the world including including, Fairfax Digital, Best Buy,, Gannett Co., Inc., Tennis Australia, The Home Depot and Wellpoint, Inc. For more information,

New AVG Study Reveals Smartphone Users Unaware of Significant Mobile Security Risks

New AVG Study Reveals Smartphone Users Unaware of Significant Mobile Security Risks

A new survey released today by AVG Technologies and the Ponemon Institute revealed that more than a third of smartphone users are not aware of the increasing security risks associated with using their phones for financial purposes and to store personal data. The study also showed that just 29 percent of smartphone owners have considered downloading free or paid anti-virus software to help protect their most personal devices.
The survey targeted 734 U.S. consumers over age 18 who own a smartphone such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. Consumers also expressed a lack of awareness in respect to a number of key security issues faced by smartphone users, including: • Thirteen percent of smartphone users said location data had been unknowingly embedded on their handset enabling others to track their location. Only 21 percent of respondents were aware this could happen.
• Six percent of respondents said that mobile applications had transmitted confidential payment information such as credit card details without the user’s knowledge or consent. Only 11 percent of respondents were aware this was possible.
• Eight percent of smartphone users said their handset had been infected by malware called ‘diallerware’ that enables criminals to make use of premium services or phone numbers resulting in unexpected monthly charges. Only 10 percent of respondents were aware of this risk.
Lloyd Borrett, Security Evangelist for AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd, said, “AVG and Ponemon Institute found that an alarmingly low percentage of smartphone users are aware of the security threats that exist today on many of the world’s most popular devices including Android handsets and the iPhone.
“A clear opportunity exists to better educate consumers on the steps they can take to minimise their risk and exposure, such as downloading low cost and even free anti-virus products specifically geared to protect their mobile lifestyle and investment.”
Dr Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, said, "Our research suggests that smartphone users lack the awareness and knowledge to protect themselves from a rash of security vulnerabilities."
More than seven million Android smartphone, tablet and e-reader users have installed AVG’s free mobile security solution, ANTIVIRUSFree, on their devices to date. According to AVG, more than 50,000 people are now downloading the world’s most popular Android anti-virus solution daily. Additionally, the company believes that this number will continue to grow as more consumers are made aware of mobile security risks and the simple steps that can be taken to prevent attacks from occurring.
AVG ANTIVIRUSFree for Android devices enables users to scan, identify and remove viruses, check apps for malware before downloading from app stores and check web site content, emails and SMS before downloading data or content. If a device protected with ANTIVIRUSFree is lost or stolen, it can be locked and wiped to protect valuable data, and located quickly using GPS functionality.
AVG (AU/NZ) has a comprehensive range of security tips on its web site at For video tips from AVG (AU/NZ), see
Keep in touch with AVG • For breaking news, follow AVG (AU/NZ) on Twitter at

Australia Has Ipad Security For Businesses- SMS PASSCODE

Enterprises seeking iPad security with SMS Passcode

Surge of interest from financial services and other sector leaders, in SMS Passcode two-factor authentication
SYDNEY, February 16. Banks, healthcare, utilities and other enterprise users are keenly interested in a security tool recently launched on the Australian market that protects iPads, according to leading security software distributor Aquion.
Aquion reports a surge of interest from financial services and other sector leaders, in SMS Passcode two-factor authentication, which supports secure enterprise access to systems including Cisco VPN and Citrix Receivers on Apple iPad, Android and other tablets.
“As iPad becomes a device of choice for enterprises, the issue of securing access to sensitive data increases,” said Aquion General Manager Audrey Lyon. “Stronger defences are essential, and SMS PASSCODE gives iPad and tablet users improved security through its unique SMS two-factor authentication delivered natively for Citrix and Cisco VPN users. Protection against unauthorised access to corporate data is achieved via two-factor SMS authentication, as SMS Passcode fast replaces legacy hardware token-based solutions for secure remote access for all endpoints.”
SMS Passcode supports a broad range of tablet access clients including:
• The Citrix Receiver client allows users to access any corporate resource via Citrix Web Interface, Access Gateways or Netscaler appliances securely with SMS PASSCODE two-factor authentication. • The Cisco VPN Client enables users to access corporate resources establishing a secure VPN tunnel securely with SMS Passcode two-factor authentication. • Other VPN clients supporting modern tablets.
Aquion is the sole distributor in ANZ for SMS Passcode. According to Ms Lyon, SMS Passcode offers a lower price-point, more security and easier implementation than competing technologies. Aquion has an established reseller base for smspasscode and is seeking additional Australian reseller partners to sell and support the technology.
About SMS Passcode®
SMS Passcode® is the leading technology in two-factor authentication using your mobile phone. To protect against the rise in internet based identity theft hitting both consumers and corporate employees, SMS Passcode offers a stronger authentication via the mobile phone SMS service compared to traditional alternatives. SMS Passcode installs in minutes and is much easier to implement and administer with the added benefit that users find it an intuitively smart way to gain better protection. The solution offers out-of-the-box protection of the standard login systems such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and other IPsec and SSL VPN systems as well as websites. Installed at thousands of sites, this is a proven patent pending technology. In the past year, SMS Passcode has been awarded to the prestigious Red Herring 100 most interesting tech companies list, to the TechTour 25 most interesting tech Companies in the Nordic Region, a Secure Computing Magazine Top 5 Security Innovator, InfoSecurity Guide Best two-factor authentication and most recently a Citrix Solution of the Year Finalist. For more information visit: For a demo, visit:
About Aquion
Based in Sydney, Aquion Pty Ltd ( represents award-winning software vendors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and India. The company is a significant provider of strategic security software to the region's top customers, including government, multinational corporations, banking, finance and Insurance companies, energy and utilities, and leading retailers. Aquion provides leading networking and security solutions for vulnerability management, strong authentication, network and firewall management and data protection.
Aquion’s SMS Passcode resellers include: Gen-I, Insight, Content Security, DWM Solutions and Technology Effect. In New Zealand the reseller is Mindlogik.
Contact Information
Audrey Lyon Aquion Pty Ltd Phone: +61 2 9968-1234 Email:
David Frost PR Deadlines Phone: +61.2.4341 5021 Email:

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Cloud Based Tablets- HP Cloud Based Tablet

I have been researching Tablets and then came across this article. HP is making Cloud Based Tablets.  Anyways Enjoy the artile by PCWORLD = Click Here   HP Tablet that is cloud based may indeed change the way we work in todays world and the future of tablets is going to go through the roof. As soon as they advanced more with a Pull Out Screen which i have already seen. Turn a 10 Inch Tablet into double the size - Flexible LCD Screen Pulls Out from Tablet for Watching Movies/ Etc while other screen can be used for Emails or Surfing.
Even Better if the Flexible LCD Screen can be Detached from the Tablet and Placed onto the wall, and can recieve and transmit signals- EG Video Stream to the Flexible Screen.

HP Has a webOS Tablet, You Just Can’t Buy It
— HP unveiled its expected Palm webOS 2.1-based tablet Wednesday but won’t be able to deliver the very Apple-y 9.7-inch “TouchPad” until summer sometime, putting HP and its ambitions that much behind the master, which should be delivering the iPad 2 by April, and behind the throngs that by then should be hawking Android 3.0 gismos, not to mention the RIM Playbook.
HP wasn’t definite about pricing saying merely that it would be competitive with the iPad, which starts at $499.
The TouchPad can do some cute tricks like syncing content with one of HP’s new webOS smartphones – which also aren’t available – just by touching, or answer a test message on the phone, but consumers are unlikely to buy it for those features. (Obviously HP is hoping to sell bundles.)

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All About Chatter, - The New Way to Work,

Have you Herd of Chatter. If you havent then this is a must Watch. How can your Team Work Together Anywhere is the World.

10 Ways you can start Using Chatter

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Google Apps , Sales Force, Video ,

You may be surfing the net and come across alot of talk about Google Apps, Well now with Cloud Computing and Google Apps, there is a big change.

This is A video from from SalesForce. This YouTube Video Below wil tell you all about Sales Force and How it will work with google apps.

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Google Apps Billboards - 4 Cities Massive Goolge Billboards, Small Business Google Apps , You Tube

Some Videos about Google Apps, Should your business have a look at Google Apps

Was just searching Youtube and Came Across this Video which was amazing to see.
Google is going to have Massive Bilboards and every Month there will be a new Message.
Truly Amazing Ad Concept Google.
Im guessing these will be Ads from Google.
Anways Check out the Video.

Reason to Go Google For Google Apps For Small Business

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Reason why your business Should Be Using Google Apps for Business

Get Google Apps for Sure, Watch this Video and Ask your business Should i at least Have A Look At Google Apps?

Amazon Appstore For Android


Facebook Deals : A New Way to Connect with Customers

Below is a Video about FaceBook Deals for Businesses to Customers. The Video is Called:

Facebook Deals: A New Way to Connect with Customers

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Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) Socialnomics09

About how Media is Changing

Acronis® True Image Home 2011,Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Workstation,

Products To Buy and Download from Acronis. A must have backup solution Program for any computer user.

Acronis® True Image Home 2011

Acronis® True Image Home 2011 provides home users with reliable backup and disaster recovery of systems, applications, settings and personal files. You can easily define where, locally or online, and how often to backup a PC. Create copies of your hard drive with just a few quick steps while continuing to work.

To Download the Trial and see how easy it is. The Trial is Free to try , Click Here

Price: $49,99 Upgrade Price: $29,99

To Buy Now Click Here (Full Version)

                   To Buy The upgrade Click here.

Also Offering Everyone 15 Percent Off. The Code =  FMAATIH15 (15% off) Expiration date: 04/18

 Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Workstation (English)incl. Acronis Advantage Premier

Built to protect the intellectual property that resides in business desktops and laptops, Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Workstation combines optimized data protection and ease-of-use. It creates an exact disk image of your office workstation and backs up the operating system, applications, key data files and folders. 

Price: $74,00 Upgrade Price: $49,74  Buy Now
                   Free=15 Days

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Coupon code:
FMAME15 (15% off) Expiration date: 18/04/2011

iTunes- Music From 2011 Grammy Winners- Download

iTunes & App Store

Targus Notebook Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse(486784), Rechargeable mouse usb cable, Targus Wireless Mouse

Click the Mouse To Buy

Targus Notebook Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse(486784)

The Targus Notebook Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse utilizes the latest in laser technology providing 20 times more tracking sensitivity than typical optical mice; the result - greater accuracy and improved use on shiny surfaces.
Never worry about dead batteries again with the rechargeable batteries and USB charge cable that charges even while in use.
Workspace will stay uncluttered and free from cables and data transmission is precise thanks to convenient RF wireless technology.
Features of The Targus Notebook Rechargeable By USB Cable:  Below .
  • 20 Times More Sensitive - Targus laser technology has 20x more tracking sensitivity than typical optical mice, for greater accuracy and improved use on shiny surfaces
  • Power Management - Recharge via the USB charge cable; use the mouse during charging to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • Wireless Freedom - RF wireless technology provides a clean, uncluttered workspace free from cables
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Exterior Dimensions: 4.13" x 2.13" x 1.25"
  • System Requirements: Windows® 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, or Mac OS X and USB port
  • Warranty: Manufacturer Limited One Year Warranty
  • Weight: 3.4 oz
Manufacturer's Part Number: AMW15US

(product #486784)

Targus Notebook Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse(486784) Click to Buy (UnderLined Text)

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iTunes & App Store

Dance Wiv Me - Dizzee Rascal   Buy The Video Download From iTunes. 
 A Listing of Songs Coming soon.

Fujitsu, Accessories, Stylus Pen, FPCPN24AP, Model, FPCPN19AP, FPCPN28AP

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC    - Fujitsu - Accessories Stylus Pen FPCPN24AP Model

Keep extra stylus pens around in case you lose or damage one. These pens are compatible with your LifeBook T4215 Series Tablet PC with active digitizer.
Set of 2
( T4210 , T4215 , T4220)
(product #FPCPN24AP

Never Have the trouble of finding one , have a spare.

  Model#FPCPN24AP = Above
 About $50 Bucks All from Fujitsu.

Fujitsu - Accessories Stylus Pen for LifeBook T Series Tablet PC , T4010 , T4010 , T4010D , T4010D , T4020 , T4020D

Replacement Stylus Set (2 pack)(FPCPN19AP) To the Left.

About $50  All from Fujitsu.

A Look Into The Future from YouTube, Nano Technology

To the left side is a YouTube Video that looks at how buildings, Cars, etc will/may look in the Future.

Also Below is a Video on What is Nano Technology.
This is very amazing Nano Technology will change the future.

What Is the Working Environment for Nanotechnology? -- powered by

New Way to make Calls- Big Screen Tv Style

The Normal Day in the Future Video is Below

Below is A Great Display and part of the future of Displays/ Screens

Best of Display Taiwan 2010

Is 2011 The Year Of Robots and Mass Production of Robots

Is 2011 The Year Of Robots and Mass Production of Robots.

After watching this , you may think robots are actually just the next step and after robots something big very big will happen.

2011 Robot at Cisco Live 2011 Amazing Robot Talking with the humans. Not sure if its AI Upped or not.

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Robot- Video Conference , Human, Real time Robot Video Conference


A robot that has a camera and mic on wheels. The device has been created for the workplace. Example- Boss is over seas and wants to advise you on something and its better if he/she can see too. Thats where AnyBot Comes in.
Remote Team but can actually still talk to each other no matter where they are as long as they have internet Access.
Its a Video Confonerce on Wheels. The robot moves by the user telling it to by input of the keyboard.

A Short Video of AnyBot Is Below.

More Robot News Coming Up.

Robot Learns Real Time, Robot Follows Human in Real Time

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Watch this monkey control the robot hand by its Mind.Wow Amazing Monkey Tells Robot what to do by its brain/mind.

Teddy Bear Robot

Google Provides Free Internet, Internet by Flushing the Network Cable Google, Translate what Animal says to English

Wow Google is providing TiSP. Free Internet/Wifi Check This Out. Flush your Network Cable By the Toilet and Google Team will pick the cable up in the sewer and connect it for you.

Wow what an azming service. This is A link about the Service.

What does TiSP Stand For (Toilet Internet Service Provider)  and its provided by Google.

To find out more click here, Full details on how to install.

Google Pricing for TiSP (BETA) Still testing the works. Specs and Pricing Below.
Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.
" Quoted from Googles Own Site.

Google has Created a New App in order to work out what Animals are saying. Check out the Video Below. This guy explains what the app is , how it works.

To find out how to use the device click here. There are picture examples of how to use the App (In order to find out what animals are saying).

This is proably one of the ulimate translaters for Humans to work out what Animals are Saying.

You simply just start the app, put it near the animal and the App does the rest. How Wonderful for Google to create an App that will be able to translate what Animals are saying in the Animal kingdom.

Translate Animal Speak Into English. TranslateS. Youtube Video Somes it in Use.

Technology Helps Kids Sickness, robot for Real help, Robots helping children

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Robot is eyes, ears for boy with leukemia in hi-tech schooling. A great Advancement in Technology has opened up a new world for this little boy.
Robot goes to school for kid. He can control the robot, see what the class mates see, ask questions, its just as if he was at school.

For children with long-term illnesses this technology has just opened up a new world. Please watch the video above and find out more how technology is advaning in the medical scence.

Real Robot Todays World 2011 Feb,Robots of the future Preview, Robots of the Future

Want to have a Robot perform for you Then just these guys a call. This robot can act and interreact with humans. this robot has come with a lot of research done and

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Talking Sing Robot Heads with Human Face

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Ask Aardvark- Aardvark Has Now Joined Google.

Need to ask a question about something then give this Free Service a Go. They are now linked with Google so they must be good.

Read Full Article here

Anyone Herd of iPont? Check it out Glasses Free 3D . Hungarian .
ipont specialise in 3D. This is a must to keep an eye on Company.

To View the Video Play Below

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Glasses Free 3D Computer TV System Custom

Glasses Free TV , Tablets, Phones, Computer Systems. Is all coming when? well if over in Japan you may see a few or more Glasses Free 3D TVs, My understanding is that they are small in size compare to the TV's we have in Australia.

Below are Products From Google

Who Won the Patent or a Patent for 3D = Apple Wins. Apple will once again impress the world by their next new electronic digital device.

World's first Glasses Free 3D desktop PC Fujitsu

The company (Computer Builder ) Fujitsu has said it has luached a glasses free 3d computer.
Imagine not having to wear glasses to see 3D. Its the next Step To what 3D is all about- 3D Glasses Free Technology.
The computer is said to be a Quad Core so it should be able to handle the Big Tasks / Mulitasking Very Easy.
Glasses Free 3D Computers / TVS/ Tablets / Desktops / Phones . Check out Japan - Unreal.

To read More Please Click Here. From The

Red Orbit have a great article too. Click here

Google Opens Up an Online Web Shop To read More Click here Honey Comb Ring a Bell In Software

sONY ADD A rOOT KIT to ps3?


WCQ 09 -002



The News/ Research Done for You- No Glasses 3D Whos Doing what and with what

NO Glasses 3D TV - SAMSUNG / TOSHIBA / Sony No Need to Wear Glases for 3D TV

Glasses-Free 3-D TV Sales Miss Expectations in Initial Month, Toshiba Says

Click here to Read The Article.

Looks like Toshiba was the first to release 3D TV with No Glasses but looks like their Sales are not as good as they expected.

Looks like the 3D TV With no Glasses may need to go back to the Lab for more Testing i hear.

Toshiba NO GLASSES 3D News Article from Mac World Click Here

Below is a YouTube Video Check it Out Guys N Girls

Below is Intels Booth AT CES (Consumer Electronics Show) You Tube Video of No Glasses 3D TV

Also there have been rumours that 3D TV will go  but the portable glasses Free 3D will take off like a rocket.

Google Insight Keyword = 3D

Ipad Interest In Australia From Google Search Engines

Interest For Tablet

Sketchup Google 3D Warehouse- Create 3D Graphics With Google Free

Check out this amazing new tool from Google- Create 3D,

Building Maker

Everything is in 3D for this. Create Unreal Buildings or models.  To learn how easy just check it out here.

Create 3D buildings with Building Maker

Google SketchUp

Free 3D modeling software.

Learn about the 3D Warehouse.

Search the globe for 3D models.

Google 3D Warehouse forum - another feature

Try out making your own 3d building.- For Free How good is that

Just to see How Easy Play the YouTube Video Below

How To Web Host domain GODADDY Deals 2011

$12.99 Go Daddy SSL Certificates

ADs Pay For Site Costs Sorry , They are great deals though, got to get myself the real website soon.

Sale! $7.49 .COM Domains from 468x60

$7.49 .COM Domains at Go Daddy

Learn PHP In 17 Hours? No Joke

Click Here!

Learn PHP In 17 Hours? Click the Above Link This is no Joke


Real True story How Make Money Internet Ads Below

Example of Custom 3D Computer Systems Coming Soon.