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Robot- Video Conference , Human, Real time Robot Video Conference


A robot that has a camera and mic on wheels. The device has been created for the workplace. Example- Boss is over seas and wants to advise you on something and its better if he/she can see too. Thats where AnyBot Comes in.
Remote Team but can actually still talk to each other no matter where they are as long as they have internet Access.
Its a Video Confonerce on Wheels. The robot moves by the user telling it to by input of the keyboard.

A Short Video of AnyBot Is Below.

More Robot News Coming Up.

Robot Learns Real Time, Robot Follows Human in Real Time

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

Watch this monkey control the robot hand by its Mind.Wow Amazing Monkey Tells Robot what to do by its brain/mind.

Teddy Bear Robot

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