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Cloud Based Tablets- HP Cloud Based Tablet

I have been researching Tablets and then came across this article. HP is making Cloud Based Tablets.  Anyways Enjoy the artile by PCWORLD = Click Here   HP Tablet that is cloud based may indeed change the way we work in todays world and the future of tablets is going to go through the roof. As soon as they advanced more with a Pull Out Screen which i have already seen. Turn a 10 Inch Tablet into double the size - Flexible LCD Screen Pulls Out from Tablet for Watching Movies/ Etc while other screen can be used for Emails or Surfing.
Even Better if the Flexible LCD Screen can be Detached from the Tablet and Placed onto the wall, and can recieve and transmit signals- EG Video Stream to the Flexible Screen.

HP Has a webOS Tablet, You Just Can’t Buy It
— HP unveiled its expected Palm webOS 2.1-based tablet Wednesday but won’t be able to deliver the very Apple-y 9.7-inch “TouchPad” until summer sometime, putting HP and its ambitions that much behind the master, which should be delivering the iPad 2 by April, and behind the throngs that by then should be hawking Android 3.0 gismos, not to mention the RIM Playbook.
HP wasn’t definite about pricing saying merely that it would be competitive with the iPad, which starts at $499.
The TouchPad can do some cute tricks like syncing content with one of HP’s new webOS smartphones – which also aren’t available – just by touching, or answer a test message on the phone, but consumers are unlikely to buy it for those features. (Obviously HP is hoping to sell bundles.)

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