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NO Glasses 3D TV - SAMSUNG / TOSHIBA / Sony No Need to Wear Glases for 3D TV

Glasses-Free 3-D TV Sales Miss Expectations in Initial Month, Toshiba Says

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Looks like Toshiba was the first to release 3D TV with No Glasses but looks like their Sales are not as good as they expected.

Looks like the 3D TV With no Glasses may need to go back to the Lab for more Testing i hear.

Toshiba NO GLASSES 3D News Article from Mac World Click Here

Below is a YouTube Video Check it Out Guys N Girls

Below is Intels Booth AT CES (Consumer Electronics Show) You Tube Video of No Glasses 3D TV

Also there have been rumours that 3D TV will go  but the portable glasses Free 3D will take off like a rocket.

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