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Microsoft Surface - The Possibilities Are Now Here

Below Is A Great Movie/Short Film Clip of The Microsoft Surface 2.0 In Action.

News talking about the Device 

Microsoft Surface You Tube Channel Videos Above. Good Watch, of people showing how it works.

Using Microsoft Surface to Fly a Drone Video Below.

Flying AR DRONE with Microsoft Surface - Winwise


Apples Try or Go Video Below


Now Microsoft Surface Controlling A Robot.



LG to launch 3d tablet and 3d phone.

THE WORLD OF 3D, PHONES AND COMPUTERS , Tablets, Laptops IS CHANGING , some in the past year have said what a tablet Standard Should Be ( Apple), Others are following but now with glasses free 3D.


Check out This Black Betty Ad For Beetle. Wow havent they done a cool Job.

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 Now people around the country are faced with debt management to get out of debt and enjoy life again.
Learning how to consolidate debit is important and learning how to stay out of debt is even more important.  To keep your debt from spiraling even more out of control, you should consider putting your credit cards away for a while.
Try to use cash to make purchases and make sure to learn how to channel your spending habits.  You’ll want to exercise restraint in spending and not buy everything you see.
You should work on a monthly budget to help you control spending.  Just because something is on sale now, doesn’t mean you need to buy it now.
Don’t ever use more than 70% of your credit line at one time, that is a basic rule to be followed.  Keep your spending under control until your income goes up or you get out of debt.
You don’t want to make things worse and harder on you and your family by putting yourself into even more debt.  You may also want to consider learning how to consolidate debt.
This means you move the balance of all of your credit cards onto one card.
 This card should have a zero interest as a starting benefit or have a lower interest rate than your other cards.  Make sure you read all the fine print before you do anything, because you don’t want to miss an important fact and end up paying more money.
You can compare credit card offers Below.

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You can also call your credit card company and try to negotiate with them and see if they can lower the interest rate on your current card.  Another alternative is to consolidate your credit card debt with a personal loan. This should mean a single monthly repayment at a lower interest rate ... but you should also take steps to avoid accumulating new credit card debt in the future.
Try to pay off as much of your debt as you can each month. This will help you save money by lowering the interest rates you are paying each month. You also may want to consider closing out some of your credit card accounts.
Make sure you aren’t applying for more credit cards just because you have no more credit available to you on your current card.
You will find yourself in even more trouble if you do that.
You should also be warned that you may not even get the credit card approved if you try to do this since you are wrecking your credit rating already.
Try to stay away from any kind of new loans at this time, until you are out of debt.
 Remember that most things you want to buy can be bought later on and you don’t need them now. Having security and money in the bank will protect you and your family.

Sony 12x SATA Black Blu-Ray Burner New Bee Deal

Sony 12x SATA Black Blu-Ray Burner

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ViewSonic VX2268WM 22-Inch, 3D-Ready Monitor,VX2268wm, 3D Viewsonic Monitor

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ViewSonic VX2268WM 22-Inch 120 Hz 3D-Ready Monitor with 1680x1050 Resolution and Stereo Speakers - Black
Viewsonic Could not have done any better than putting this 3D Ready Monitor at a Great Price and Also without a huge lost of features.
 When the 3d Monitors first cam out they were around the $400 to $500 Mark. Since then More 3D TV have come out and made 3D Computer Monitors Much Much Cheaper.

Viewsonic 22 Inch 3D Ready Monitor for your Total 3D Gaming Experience. Experience the same games like you have never experienced too.
It does not matter if you are watching a DVD , as your computer can turn it into 3D. Anything 2D Can go 3D with Computers.

Some Tech Specs Below about the Monitor.

  • 22" 120Hz 3D-Ready monitor
  • 1680x1050 resolution
  • DVI and VGA inputs, 20,000:1 DCR
  • Stereo Speakers with SRS Premium Sound
  • Windows 7 certified
22" in Size, 120Hz  Refresh Rate , 3D-Ready monitor for 3D gaming and crystal clear video experience. 
With doubled refresh rate of a regular LCD panel, a native 1680x1050 resolution and a 3ms response time, your 3D experience will be better than ever!
Even when you don't use a 3D application, you can still benefit from the 120Hz refresh rate in your gaming and video applications that avoids blurring, ghosting or jaggy images. 
The VX2268wm is also equipped with high quality hidden stereo speakers and  with SRS WOW HD audio software that delivers a surround sound experience. 
With Viewsonic's strongest pixel performance guarantee and 3-year warranty, you will have peace of mind in your investment. 
In order to enjoy the 3D experience, you will need a compatible nVidia graphics card and nVidia 3D Vision Kit. 
There are a couple of extra Features you will need to turn your Computer into a 3D Gaming Computer System, Such as Video Card, Blu Ray Drive is also handy.
Note if your Computer is 3D Ready , then simply hook up the 3D Monitor and You are on your way into another World. You will wish you had Changed to 3D Sooner and wonder why you were waiting.
3D Computer Monitor Viewsonic has got it Nailed with Price and Performance.
Do your Own research you will not be disappointed.
Many Customers boost how they have a great Zero Dead Pixel Warranty. Be Safe and have safety of mind and Buy Viewsonic.

ASICS SHOES - Mens Shoes , ASICS MENS Running Shoe, ASICS Mens,

ASICS Mens GT-2150 Running Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel-160TR Training Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel- Cumulus 12 Running Shoe

ASICS Mens GT-2150 Trail Running Shoe


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