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Second Step -A New Motherboard For the CPU

Due to having the new processor range from Intel to handle 3D Gaming and 3D Blue Ray Movies, it is necessary to have a Motherboard that Supports the Processor (CPU-Central Processing Unit).

I5-750 and I5-860 are the socket LGA 1156. If picking these processors you would have to get a motherboard that is Socket LGA 1156.

I7-920 and I7-950 Is a different socket which is LGA 1366.

The Best CPU is the Intel I7-975. This CPU is only needed for Extreme Gaming Or where the fastest CPU is needed. 

Gigabyte are known for being a good stable product and their motherboards also have some great features such as 2 x PCI Express x16 slots (Graphics Card Slot).
The Motherboard Gigabyte X58-UD3R Has this feature plus can handle 3way sli Graphics Setup but one good Graphics Card or Two good Graphics is Recommended for 3D Gaming and Watching 3D Blu Ray Movies.

First Step To The 3D World Of Gaming On PC Desktop Is to have a New Intel CPU

The first step is to make sure your computer Processor , (CPU-Central Processing Unit) is powerful enough to run the Games that are 3D compatible. Usually the Games have minimum Requirements but its best to have Recommended Specifications or Better.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a Game from Hundreds for the Computer that supports Nvidia 3D Vision. A list of games that support 3D is = Click Here Mate=

Due to 3D Games using a lot of resources it is necessary to have a fast and powerful Processor.
A good processor for this type of usage on the computer is Intel I5-750, I7-860, I7-920.

If you are not an extreme gamer then the new range from Intel will do the job just as good. These Processors are Intel Core I5 670, Intel Core I5 650 and Intel Core I5 661.

The new range from Intel are Smarter , Faster than ever before.

If Extreme Computer Gamer you should get Intel's Extreme I7 Processor  I7-975 Or I7-965.Both of these Processors include Intel Turbo Boost Technology and also Intel Hyper Threading Technology. 

Most I7 CPUs have Four Cores and 8 Threads.
Intel's I5-750 has Four Cores and Four Threads.

Average Prices :
I5-750 $240 I7-860 $345 I7-920 $360

For I5-750 Technical Specs and Information Click Here

For I7-860 Technical Specs and Information Click Here

For I7-920 Technical Specs and Information Click Here

These processors are part of the new range from Intel. Intel's new Range are more powerful, Faster and now even smarter. The above CPUs are powerful enough for 3D Blu Ray movies, 3D Games and 3D Applications .

Once you have picked the Correct Processor for the Computer then you will need an upto date motherboard to support the Processor.