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Famous DJ Blend NO1 Video on You Tube

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With over 18 Million Hits, DJ Blend has to be doing something right and thats producing MAD MUSIC FOR THE WORLD.

Master in DJ . DJ Blend on YOUTUBE show Casing a very awesome Mix up.

DJ Blend Dancing to Electro oN YouTube.

Google Blogger Has A New Look

This is a video of Goole Show Casing its new Look and Feel of Goolge Blog Called BLOGGER.

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Ever Heard of Native Instruments

Native Instruments Showing one of the Awesome new Instrument which is the traktor kontrol s4. A must have if an experience DJ or wanting to do something no other one can.

Controllerist legend and founder of Ean Golden pulls out all the stops in this routine and shows how to build an astounding live remix with the Traktor Kontrol S4 performance DJ system, using samples from Afrika Bambaata's "Planet Rock" and Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic" extended remix.

It's important to note that Ean uses a custom mapping: he made a double assignment of the jogwheels controlling two central effect parameters at once. The S4's unique on-the-fly Loop Recorder is triggered by a foot pedal at the beginning to record a live loop performance using Armand Van Helden's "Funk Phenomena" a capella. Raps by Kid Rad conclude the first part before Ean goes white hot using heavy cue point juggling on the Daft Punk tune.

Watch the Video Below and Check more out From

If your not using Trakor Software then your not keeping up to date with the rest of the DJ's in the World.

One of The Ultimate Car Race Drag HPF M3 vs Ford GT

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Would have to say this video will show you the car, engine etc and they sshow you how much power the car has. Also Good Track for the Video. Everything Semms like Good/Average Quality You Tube Video of M3 BMW VS FORD GT Highly Modifed Cars. Go Ford GT.

M Coupe Vs M3 Vs M5 You Tube Car Race

M Coupe Vs M3 Vs M5 Race. Good Race , Good Music. Also Must Watch Race , will sort of LOL

Car Racing. M Coupe Vs M3 Vs M5 You Tube Car Race is the above video. Sorry for the not so great Sound Quality. Will Get Videos with Better Sound Quality.

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