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Third Step - RAM (Random Access Memory)- What does Ram do? How Much Ram Do I need?

What does RAM do?
When you open up an application on the computer the CPU ,(Central Processing Unit, Micro Processor), gets the application (program name .exe) off the hard disk and loads it into RAM.

The OS (Operating System-Windows XP, Windows 7) uses RAM as well as Programs, Games.

Some Programs use more memory,RAM, then other programs. An example is Avast Anti Virus Program uses 25MB (Megabytes) of RAM (Memory), when just running (No scanning), whereas the application Notepad which only uses 3MB.Games tend to use alot of RAM. The more programs open the more RAM will be used.

For the Processors in the I5 and I7 series and in order to have a powerful 3D Gaming Computer system ,it is best to have a large amount of RAM. DDR3-1333 MHz or DDR3-1600MHz or DDR3-2000MHz .

Depending on which Motherboard you have purchase will determine how much RAM you can use and which Type of RAM that you can use.

How Much RAM do i need?

In most cases it is advisable to put in as much RAM as you can on the Motherboard. 4GB is good but 8GB is much better for performance. 

Although there is one MAJOR FACTOR and that is the OS (Operating System- Windows). 
If 32Bit you are limited to the amount of RAM that is seen and usable Which is usually 4GB Max. 
If 64 Bit then you will benefit the most from having more RAM (Random Access Memory). 64Bit handles more RAM and also has better performance than 32Bit operating Systems. 64Bit Windows Handles More than 4GB of RAM.

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