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ViewSonic VX2268WM 22-Inch, 3D-Ready Monitor,VX2268wm, 3D Viewsonic Monitor

New Bee Solutions 3D4PC

ViewSonic VX2268WM 22-Inch 120 Hz 3D-Ready Monitor with 1680x1050 Resolution and Stereo Speakers - Black
Viewsonic Could not have done any better than putting this 3D Ready Monitor at a Great Price and Also without a huge lost of features.
 When the 3d Monitors first cam out they were around the $400 to $500 Mark. Since then More 3D TV have come out and made 3D Computer Monitors Much Much Cheaper.

Viewsonic 22 Inch 3D Ready Monitor for your Total 3D Gaming Experience. Experience the same games like you have never experienced too.
It does not matter if you are watching a DVD , as your computer can turn it into 3D. Anything 2D Can go 3D with Computers.

Some Tech Specs Below about the Monitor.

  • 22" 120Hz 3D-Ready monitor
  • 1680x1050 resolution
  • DVI and VGA inputs, 20,000:1 DCR
  • Stereo Speakers with SRS Premium Sound
  • Windows 7 certified
22" in Size, 120Hz  Refresh Rate , 3D-Ready monitor for 3D gaming and crystal clear video experience. 
With doubled refresh rate of a regular LCD panel, a native 1680x1050 resolution and a 3ms response time, your 3D experience will be better than ever!
Even when you don't use a 3D application, you can still benefit from the 120Hz refresh rate in your gaming and video applications that avoids blurring, ghosting or jaggy images. 
The VX2268wm is also equipped with high quality hidden stereo speakers and  with SRS WOW HD audio software that delivers a surround sound experience. 
With Viewsonic's strongest pixel performance guarantee and 3-year warranty, you will have peace of mind in your investment. 
In order to enjoy the 3D experience, you will need a compatible nVidia graphics card and nVidia 3D Vision Kit. 
There are a couple of extra Features you will need to turn your Computer into a 3D Gaming Computer System, Such as Video Card, Blu Ray Drive is also handy.
Note if your Computer is 3D Ready , then simply hook up the 3D Monitor and You are on your way into another World. You will wish you had Changed to 3D Sooner and wonder why you were waiting.
3D Computer Monitor Viewsonic has got it Nailed with Price and Performance.
Do your Own research you will not be disappointed.
Many Customers boost how they have a great Zero Dead Pixel Warranty. Be Safe and have safety of mind and Buy Viewsonic.

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